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Supplemental Learning Materials - Writing

Citing other people’s work

Editing and proofreading
Grammar and punctuation
Modes of writing
Thesis statements
The writing process
Topic sentences
Who’s going to read this and why?

Citing other people’s work

How to cite other people's works and compile a bibliography
Automatic Bibliography
Citation Machine
Documenting Electronic Sources
Research and Documentation Online
Using MLA Format

Editing and proofreading

Tips on how to proofread effectively
Editing and Proofreading Strategies
Model Documents
Online References
Proofreading for Common Errors
Proofreading Your Paper
Using an Editing Checklist


Definitions, examples, and ideas on how to write essays
Essay Punch (Persuasive)
Essay Writing Workshop
Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
Key Terms in College Writing
Organizing an Essay
Planning, Organizing, and Presenting Essays
Principles of Composition
Tutorial on Writing an Essay
Writing Essay Exams


How to identify and avoid fragments
Sentence Fragments

Grammar and punctuation

Tips and tools on how to use proper grammar and punctuation
20 Most Common Sentence Errors
Advanced Grammar
Basic Grammar
Big Dog's Grammar: A Barebone Guide to English
Common Sentence Grammar Errors and How to Fix Them
Getting an A on an English Paper
Grammar Bytes
Grammar and Mechanics
Grammar Exercises
Grammar Exercises
Grammar Exercises
Grammar Now!
Grammar Slammer
Guide to Grammar and Style
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Interactive Grammar Quizzes
Intermediate Grammar
Knowing the Basics of Grammar
Online English Grammar
Online Grammar Quizzes
Online Writing Lab - Grammar and Writing Handouts
Punctuation Assistance
Self-Study Grammar Quizzes
Summary of Verb Tenses
The Basics of Grammar
Verb Tense

Modes of writing

Definition and examples of different modes of writing
Modes of Paragraphs
Suggestions for Writing Summaries
Types of Essays
Writing a Summary


Definitions, examples, and ideas on how to write paragraphs
Developing and Ordering Paragraphs
Paragraph Punch
The Paragraph
Transition Words
Writing Paragraphs


What is plagiarism and how to avoid it
Avoiding Plagiarism


How to identify and avoid run-ons
Run-On Sentences

Thesis statements

Definitions and how-to for thesis statements
Thesis Builder
Thesis Statements
Thesis Statements
Writing a Thesis Statement

The writing process

Tips and ideas on how to begin writing
A Writer's Reference
Building the Draft
Hot Paper Topics
Literacy Education Online
Making an Outline
Online Writing Assistant
Online Writing Manual
Overcoming Writer's Block
Sample Outline
Tips-o-matic: Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays
Writing Lab Reports

Topic sentences

Definitions and how-to for topic sentences
Using Topic Sentences
Writing Topic Sentences

Who’s going to read this and why?

Advice on how to find your audience
Different Audiences and Purposes

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